〜ロビー/グー・グー・ドールズの「ROBBY'S LOBBY」〜

日本人の奥さんを持つ根っからの親日家ベーシスト、ロビーがバンドの近況やいろんな情報を教えてくれる人気コラム「ROBBY'S LOBBY」!誌面から1月遅れで彼が執筆した英文ママの掲載です。

Heyhey and Welcome to The Lobby, my monthly opportunity to share some thoughts and with my friends in Japan. The cold weather is beginning to break here in NY, we've been anxiously awaiting the thaw here in Buffalo, NY as the thermometer toys with us bouncing from spring like days back to the freezing temperatures the NE US has been experiencing since November of last year. The melting snow was so intense that my studio's ceiling leaked forcing us to form a bucket brigade for 12 hours until we could get someone in to get on the roof and stop the water from coming in. But, aside from the leaks, everyone here is looking forward to having some warmer temperatures to raise their spirits and take our lives back to a more normal way of functioning every day. Although at times it seems unlikely, I'm assuming this will happen soon.

Although I spent the month here at home I had a pretty busy schedule working at the studio on some Pinky Doodle Poodle (JP) and MOLICE (JP) mixes for 2015 releases on my Good Charamel label as well as tracking some drums for a band called Green Jelly who is based in Hollywood (but was originally from my hometown), we will be doing some more recording with them later this year.

I was recently asked by a local arts organization to do a talk for some students who are interested in the music business. This month I got together with about 50 students from the area and talked with them about touring, recording and getting their music out there to people who might enjoy it. I really enjoy sharing stories and lessons learned with young musician just starting out on their journey. Although the music business seems to change and take different shapes from generation to generation, the desire to create always remains strong and unshakeable.

I was also asked to come and do some segment hosting on an annual telethon here in town, which raises money for kids in need of medical devices and services that may be out of their reach. The organization is called Variety Club, they have the longest continuously running telethon in the US, raising funds for over 50 years and then providing services for the kids and their families. We auctioned off a few autographed guitars and helped the organization raise over 1 million dollars for their cause. It's great to be able to help out with stuff like this as a byproduct of being lucky enough to make music for a living, you can check out Variety Club at

SUMO ! The Spring Sumo matches from Osaka have been so much fun to watch, I have spent the last 2 weeks watching Hakuho, Endo and the rest of our favorite warriors. I look forward to the tournament and another chance to have my own matches with my 3 year old daughter in front of the TV. She does her ''shiko'' moves, claps her hands and makes a loud grunting sound (which Hakuho probably wouldn't like too much) and then confidently makes her charge. I just love watching her watching Sumo, but until the next tournament we will keep working on our Hiragana ah, ee, ooh, ay, oh .

That does it for this month, as our friends and Good Charamel artists Shonen Knife from Osaka will be touring here in the US in June with CJ Ramone, we are busy working on that and will have some more details on the tour in the next issue of Inrock. Hope you are enjoying the Spring and the Cherry Blossoms which will make their appearance soon! We even have a Cherry Blossom Festival (although a small one) here in Buffalo! We'll send some pictures next month!

All the best, and we'll talk soon.