〜ロビー/グー・グー・ドールズの「ROBBY'S LOBBY」〜

日本人の奥さんを持つ根っからの親日家ベーシスト、ロビーがバンドの近況やいろんな情報を教えてくれる人気コラム「ROBBY'S LOBBY」!誌面から1月遅れで彼が執筆した英文ママの掲載です。

Heyhey In Rockers and welcome back to the lobby here in the pages of the mighty In Rock for our monthly serving of the “what's been going” on in the life of one particular Goo Goo Doll.... Me ...... Super glad to have you here with us.

Last we spoke I was in Australia finishing heading to New Zealand to do the last 2 shows of the run, they were in Christchurch and New Plymouth, NZ, oddly no show in Auckland but what an amazing venue we played in New Plymouth. It was a place called the Bowl of Brooklands, a natural amphitheater with a moat full of eels (yes, you heard that right) in front of the stage between the band and the audience! The whole setup was pretty strange at first, but as the show went on, and the rain poured down on the sold-out crowd that night, the Matchbox 20 / Goo Goo Dolls 2024 Tour of Australia, and New Zealand came to a close. Many thanks to the MB20 band and crew for taking us along on the ride and we look forward to getting back to AUS/NZ in the near future to do some of our own shows!

After a few days home we made our way to the state of Florida and a couple of amusement park gigs in Tampa and Orlando, at Universal Studios and Sea World, it's a comfortable feeling getting back to the states and playing for the crowds that have made their way to your show to sing your songs along with you compared to the mixed crowds of Matchbox and Goo fans we had been performing to for the last month. Don't get me wrong, we had an amazing time on that tour, but we're back with our people now, and it feels like a comfortable old sweater that fits just right.

I'm having a press conference here in Buffalo this week to announce a move for our annual Music is Art Festival in here in my hometown of Buffalo. This is the 22nd year of the MIA Fest and after log discussions and many, many meetings Music is Art is re-igniting our partnership with the world renowned AKG Art Gallery. After nearly 7 years of having moved from the grounds of the gallery to the Buffalo River we are making a move back to The AKG Art Museum and are also partnering with Buffalo State University to bring an exciting new energy into the festival's already rich chemistry. The grounds of the newly re-designed AKG and the campus of Buffalo State University will allow us to re-imagine the festival in the center of Buffalo's cultural hub......pretty exciting! More details to come, stay tuned!

So we've got a little more than a week off before we start up again and my family and I have come down to the Florida keys for a few days to unwind as my daughter has a short break from school that happens to coincide with my show schedule! .... I love when that happens! For the very first time we are bringing our new puppy Luna on the trip … first airplane, first hotel, first vacation with us, fingers crossed we're gonna have a great time!

And that does it for this month here in The Lobby, hope you are enjoying the warming weather as we welcome the spring together. Hope to see you all soon next month here in the pages on In Rock!