〜ロビー/グー・グー・ドールズの「ROBBY'S LOBBY」〜

日本人の奥さんを持つ根っからの親日家ベーシスト、ロビーがバンドの近況やいろんな情報を教えてくれる人気コラム「ROBBY'S LOBBY」!誌面から1月遅れで彼が執筆した英文ママの掲載です。

Hey Hey INROCKERS and Welcome to The Lobby!

I'm all over the place here in the US this month, Goo Goo Dolls are in the midst of a huge summer tour with over 50 dates across the US and Canada with Daughtry (who is making his first trip Japan later this year) and The Plain White Tees. We've been out for almost 6 weeks travelling by busses and planes around the US on this crazy busy schedule we've committed ourselves to for the next few months. My 2.5 year old daughter Hana even made it out to spend some time travelling around with us, she has a great time riding on the bus, eating treats at catering and hanging around with our large staff of Roadies (we like to call them ''the Pirates'') that make this this 6 bus and 5 semi truck summer tour possible each and every day.

The tour has been through amphitheaters, arenas, theaters and wineries across the country, we even got a chance to stop into a military hospital called Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio Texas and visit with some of the wounded soldiers from around the area. These are brave, committed people who are rehabilitating themselves from injuries they sustained in combat. It's a great facility doing great things for the soldiers and their families who have had their lives disrupted by injuries and the emotional struggles that arise from their service. I hope someday these places won't be needed, but while there is a need for this kind of thing, these people are doing a great job.

ハTokyoユs Pinky Doodle Poodle has been at GCR Audio recording studios in Buffalo, NY working on their 2nd album for release on our 'Japacentric' Good Charamel Records label in 2015, they also performed their latest album in Buffalo, NY at venue called the Tudor Lounge while they were taking a break from recording.

As Goo Goo Dolls tour came through the Northwestern US we coincidentally had a day off in San Francisco on the very same day Pinky Doodle Poodle was booked to play the J Pop Summit in Japan Town in downtown SF! So the whole band came down to hang out and watch PDP play their set to a city block full of excited J Rock Fans at this unique annual festival now in it's 6th year! Musical guests this year former AKB48 Tomomi Itano and Tokyo Girl's Style performed with many others over the 2 day festival celebrating all of popular Japanese Culture!

There were great events and exhibits such as a very crowded Ramen Festival, Pocki eating contests, anime exhibits, fashion, toys, calligraphy, flower arrangers and many, many food vendors and entertainers sharing their passion for Japanese culture here in the states. Pretty cool to be a part of, I even got to introduce Pinky Doodle Poodle on stage! The band signed autographs and met fans after the show and we met some old friends from Japan as well as some new friends in SF as well!

So, I will continue moving from city to city, hotel to hotel and venue to venue with a short stop back in Buffalo to produce a music video for PDP this week (as well as hug my kitty for a little while) before returning to the tour! Hope to see some of you over here in the US for one of the summer shows, weユve already seen some Japanese fans that have made the trip over to enjoy some of the summer tour, a big thanks to them for making the long trip!

I'll be back next month with more updates and , check out to check out all of my online stuff, and have a great Summer, I'll be visiting soon!

All the best to you, and Peace